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Belle and Sandy
The old song "Me and My Shadow" is a perfect description of Belle and Sandy. They have spent their 7 years of life as a pair. Both girls are beautiful, bright, friendly, loving, happy, and playful. As the song title implies, you don't see one without the other. If you have room for these 2 sweet girls call their foster mom today!


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Our awesome Brittany adoptee Connery (formerly Limerick) has been asking me to let you all know how happy he is in his new forever home. Connery is everything we were told a Brittany would be: loving, cuddly, smart, affectionate, curious, and very, very high energy! He's a big dopey dog who is guaranteed to get into everything he could possibly get into, then gives you this big dopey grin and you immediately forget why you were mad at him.

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