Lost And Found Brittanys

Searching for a missing pet can be a terrifying experience. Sometimes, even in the best of homes, your beloved companion may manage to escape an enclosed area or wander too far during a hunt. If you're an animal lover and if this has ever happened to you, you know that the hours, days, and weeks that follow can be a living nightmare.

We hope this page will help reunite missing Brittanys with their owners. If you've lost or found a Brittany and would like the information posted here, please send e-mail and photos to lostfound@americanbrittanyrescue.org with the location, circumstances, and dog's description.

American Brittany Rescue has local State Coordinators who coordinate most ABR activities in their states, including acceptance of dogs into ABR foster care. If you found a Brittany and you would like to discuss transferring the dog to ABR foster care, your ABR State Coordinator may be able to assist.

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- 5475

2 yr 6 mon (Adult)
Current Location: , AL




Bucky - 5770

9 yr 5 mon (Senior)
Current Location: Parma, ID

Contact: Debbie Jones




Bucky-8 year old unaltered male Brittany

Last seen in Parma, Idaho, Highway 18 and Stateline

Reward offered.




Rush - 5478

15 yr 6 mon (Senior)
Current Location: Dixon, IL

Contact: Al Esgar
815.973.4075 or 815.288.2411



"RUSH" , purebred Brittany, intact male, 13 yrs. 
Description:  Mostly white w/orange markings; orange ears, orange spot on top of head
Wearing orange collar with owner's name, address, phone on metal plate attached.  No tags, not microchipped
Last seen:  Friday, Nov. 11th,  8:30 p.m. in backyard of his home
Partially deaf; visual acuity not good, sometimes gets disoriented



Kiki - 5391

5 yr 10 mon (Adult)
Current Location: Elgin, IL

Contact: Elisabeth



This is Kiki. She has been missing since Saturday, July 16. She is shy and we think she may be hiding.  She left her home near Liberty and Chicago Streets in Elgin, Illinois at about 6 p.m.  She is shy and we think she may be hiding.  Would you please help us find her? We are offering a $250 REWARD!!! Specifically, in order to maximize her chance of survival, just take 5 minutes as soon as possible to check the following places around your home:

- under decks
- under stairs
- in window wells or stair wells
under trees or bushes
- in play houses
- in any other protected areas around your home
Kiki is 3 years old, liver (brown) and white and weighs about 35 pounds.  If you call her over in a gentle way and with a treat, she will likely come to you.  Though she has a fierce bark, she is a very sweet and gentle dog and has never even nipped at a human.  Please call Elisabeth at 630-650-1989 if you find her.
Lost 7/16/2016

Cinnamon - 4992

19 yr 3 mon (Senior)
Spayed Female
Current Location: Indianapolis, IN

Contact: Elaine Murphy



Posted 2/10/15

This is Cinnamon. She has been missing since Sunday, January 18th. The SPCA says that lost dogs will hide somewhere when it is cold out, and wait to be rescued by their owners. Could you please help us find her? We are offering a $250 REWARD!!! Specifically, in order to maximize her chance of survival, just take 5 minutes as soon as possible to check the following places around your home:


- under decks

- under stairs

- in window wells or stair wells

- under trees or bushes

- in play houses

- in any other protected areas around your home


Cinnamon is 15 years old, orange and white, weighs about 28 pounds, and is mostly deaf. She will not likely hear you, but will respond to a loving attitude and touch. Cinnamon is very sweet and gentle. Please call Elaine at 201-7621 if you find her. Thank you so much for your time and effort ... you may be the one to save her life.


Reggie - 5476

4 yr (Adult)
Current Location: Des Moines, IA

Contact: Faith



Reggie was taken off a cable on our porch in Des Moines, Iowa on 9/27/2016. Husband was siding our small house at the time, between 1:30 and 2:30 p.m. Born March 4, 2015. 2.5 years old. Orange and white. Note: right eye is white, orange to the back of eye. 5 inch long docked tail, orange, with a little white flag hanging off the end. Knows sit, down, up, come, and dance. Missing him very badly. Chipped and neutered.


Ruger - 5512

8 yr 4 mon (Senior)
Current Location: , MI




Our male Brittany has been missing for 3 months. He is 6 yrs old. His name is Ruger. He ran away from Swartz Creek, Michigan.


Jett - 5279

5 yr 10 mon (Adult)
Spayed Female
Current Location: , NE

Contact: Maureen Mendyk



 POSTED 1/17/2016

See message below:

Hello, our Brittany has been missing for almost 3 months.  She escaped from our yard with our 3 legged Shepherd.  She could be anywhere in the state. "Jett" is a white/orange female spayed Brittany with a docked tail.  She is 2.5 years old.  She is from a family who loves her dearly.

If you see or hear of any Brittany's in or around the state of Nebraska, please compare markings as it could be Jett.

PS She may now be much thinner than photos suggest.
She went missing in Grand Island, from our backyard.  Was last seen on Gunbarrel, near Hwy. 34.  We do not know which direction she headed.  She was with a 3 leg Shepherd (male).   There were 7 sightings and its as if she vanished.  She may have gone rural. Had collar/tags, but the collar came off on a fence pickett so she is loose with NO I.D.!  No chip!  We are sick.  We talked about getting her chipped but hadn't done it.

Her body is mostly white with some orange patches on her back.  Orange mask, freckles, pink nose.  Spayed.

We hired a scent tracker, went up in a plane, advertised statewide, organized search parties, went on a TV show, had a news report broadcast, purchased commercials, etc.  We don't want to give up… its been 13 weeks.

Thank you,
Maureen Mendyk


Las Vegas Female Brittany - 5389

2 yr 10 mon (Adult)
Current Location: Las Vegas, NV

Contact: Lauren Roemmich

Las Vegas Female Brittany



Female Brittany found in Las Vegas on Whitney Ranch and Sunset.


Grover - 5571

6 yr 1 mon (Adult)
Neutered Male
Current Location: Milton, WI

Contact: Cindy Busch



Our Brittany went missing on Thursday, April 6 near intersection of Manogue and Kennedy Roads, Milton, Wi.
His name is Grover, 4 year old neutered male, orange and white, wearing camo collar, no tags.  Markings orange spot on both ears and tail, a saddle across his back behind front legs, birth mark on nose-right nostril has an area void of pigment.
Contact: Cindy Busch, 608-868-3007 or 608-449-9483, email mrkdogwalker@gmail.com

Brittanys usually live 12-15 years, so if you are contemplating adoption, please be prepared to make that kind of commitment to the dog. Brittanys love their people and require personal attention every day.

Dogs placed by American Brittany Rescue, Inc. have been rescued from a shelter, found as a stray, or given up by an owner who could no longer keep or care for them. All dogs in foster homes have been (or will be) spayed or neutered, checked for heartworm, and are usually on preventative medication for heartworm. A dog's foster family can give you valuable information about its personality and temperament.

There are many more Brittany's available but not yet listed on the web site. These pages are always changing as homes are found and new dogs are placed into rescue. Please contact the State Coordinator for more information.

If you know of a Brittany who needs a home, please contact your nearest State Coordinator for assistance.